Applied Conference «Research in modern project management»

On April 1, 2023, applied conference "Research in modern project management" was held at the KROK Business School. Students of the Master's program "Management of Projects and Processes" presented their findings and made presentations. The applied conference is an integral part of studying the course "Research in Modern Management", the content of which is led by Inna Dolyanovska, Doctor of Law, associate professor, instructor of KROK Business School.

Speeches and topics of reports were diverse, highlighted challenges and issues relevant to modern project management, namely:

  • "Project-oriented business: modern perspectives"
  • "The role of leadership in maintaining team motivation during crisis situations"
  • "The nature of artificial intelligence in Ukraine and the world"
  • "Features of managing a clinical research project in the conditions of war in Ukraine"
  • "Conflicts in the 21st century in team management: what has changed?"
  • "Types and approaches of strategic changes in the company"
  • "Classification of risks in project management: a general overview of modern approaches"

The team of KROK Business School instructors, sitting in the classroom? Anastasia Bortnik, Associate Professor, PhD, Inna Dolyanovska, PhD, Associate Professor, and Olga Karpova, Executive Director of BSK acted as experts and opponents who asked various questions to the speakers. Thanks to modern means, the event took place in a mixed format - offline and online. The reports will be published in the Scientific Notes of KROK University.