An alternative dispute resolution in Ukraine to be!


Presentation of the results of the study "Mediation in business" was held at the BSK - KROK Business School. The methodology was developed at the Entrepreneurship Research Lab by Victoria Polischuk, instructor,attorney and entrepreneur. The study gained a global scale because it was supported by the European Business Association, Ukrainian Woman Lawyers Association "YurFem", the blog-magazine Lucky Ukraine, Centre for Mediation and Negotiation (Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek), Center for Mediation and Law Parasat (Kazakhstan) and individuals from other countries.

Victoria Polishchuk familiarized attendees with the results of the study, thanks to which it became clear who in the business is most aware of mediation, what conflict situations are most often encountered in commercial disputes, and what are their reasons, what the number of companies spend on resolving commercial disputes, how much the dispute resolution process satisfies business owners with the help of the court, and also how much they trust in alternative methods of dispute resolution. It was interesting to compare the awareness of mediation in Ukraine with other countries whose respondents participated in the study, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan.

After the presentation, the training "Conflicts in the Organization" was held by the business coaches Oksana Sedashova and Victoria Polishchuk. Participants were able to structure the causes of conflicts in organizations, to learn their own style of behavior in a conflict, and, having turned into a "collective mind of a mediator," they tried to create a design for resolving a dispute according to a given case.

BSK - KROK Business School makes its contribution to the development of mediation in Ukraine, conducting research, describing them in publications and developing recommendations, models, strategies and educational programs for mediation. In the nearest future a mediation laboratory will be create.Enrollment in the second group of the program Master of Mediation and conflict resolution is going.

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