Mini-MBA program module "Strategic marketing"

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Theme 1. Introduction to Marketing

  • The role of marketing in the organization

  • Integrated marketing


Theme 2. Business and marketing goals

  • Company's mission

  • Business goals and marketing goals

  • SMART Methodology


Theme 3. Macro environment analysis. PEST analysis

  • Workshop


Theme 4. SWOT-analysis

  • Strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities

  • SWOT Matrix

  • Workshop


Theme 5. Analysis business-portfolio BCG

  • Matrix BCG


Theme 6. Development of growth strategies

  • Matrix Ansoffa


Theme 7. Audit of company brands

  • Workshop "Orbiter"


Theme 8. Analysis of consumers, B2B customers

  • Strategies for reaching the market

  • Models of consumer segmentation

  • B2B purchasing center


Theme 9. Analysis of the competitive environment

  • Direct and indirect competitors

  • Competitiveness Analysis


Theme 10. Development of brand strategies

  • USP, target, set of alternatives

  • Motivational hierarchy of the brand