Legal Environment of Doing Business

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Business trainer – Victoria Polischuk

Topic 1. Organization of business activities

10:00 – 11:20

  • Organization of business activities
  • Ways and mechanisms of business management
  • Requirements for the documentation of the entrepreneur
  • Practical tasks and case studies



Topic 2. Labor law.

Business Security

11:30– 13:15

  • Personnel issues and documentation. Occupational Safety and Health.
  • Ways to avoid labor disputes.
  • Organization of business security
  • Practical tasks and case studies. Work in groups.


Lunch break

Topic 3. Contract law

13:45 – 15:20

  • The order of concluding contracts and analysis of counteragents
  • Form of contract and essential terms of contracts
  • Execution of the contract in practice and the procedure for introducing changes
  • Foreign trade contracts, peculiarities of currency regulation
  • Liability for violation of contracts
  • Practical tasks and case studies



Topic 4. Tax law.

Features of the Ukrainian taxation system.

Tax inspections

15:30 – 17:15

  • General characteristics of the tax system of Ukraine (types of taxes, procedure for calculating, paying, declaring)
  • Tax audits of business (procedure for conducting, finalizing results, appealing against tax notifications of decisions)
  • Challenging tax decisions in administrative and / or judicial proceedings (typical types of lawsuits, defense strategies, practical advice)
  • Practical tasks and case studies