Testimonials of MBA IT graduates and students

Viktor Zavgorodnyuk - IT Director of Tagron, finalist of the BEST CIO 2013 competition, MBA IT graduate, KROK Business School.

I worked in the field with the farmers, studied and analyzed how to automate business processes. I went through all the hardware with my own hands, set up programs and services in each individual farm, there were 25 of them. From practice, I came to understand the importance of effective project management. At some stage I felt a lack of knowledge and went to study. I decided to enter the MBA program at KROK Business School and in 2013 successfully completed the study. Currently, assessing the stages of my professional path and development, I came to the conclusion that everything I did was RIGHT! Training on the MBA program has added order and system, for which I am grateful to the KROK Business School.

If you need to streamline your previous experience, systematize knowledge, make new professional contacts, get an impulse for further development, I recommend the MBA program as an excellent tool for the manager to grow. You will assemble a mosaic in your head into one. Training in MBA gives a quick effect, the opportunity to try in practice the knowledge and skills gained in the classroom. You learn, implement your ideas in your company, otherwise you will not get profit from training. I, at one time, chose the KROK Business School as one of the best options for studying MBA IT and have never regretted my decision.



Viacheslav Panasyuk, Entrepreneur, Director

  1. Studying at the MBA program at KROK Business School, I was convinced of the high qualifications of instructors and their ability to transfer practical skills.
  2. What I received while studying:
  3. Analysis, evaluation and management of the company and people, building a strategy for the company and personnel.
  4. The best group: friendly, mutually assisting, we complement each other, we became friends and maintain relations after completion of the program.
  5. I already actively applied:
  • assessment of the financial condition of the company
  • management / evaluation / development team
  • presentation skills
  • financial management
  • investment