About the Club

This is an open discussion club that brings together business managers, business consultants, teachers and people of different artists for the exchange of ideas, finding synergies, joint efforts to generate ideas and projects..

The universities, institutions, business schools are carriers of innovative ideas and are designed to help you find answers to the challenges faced by us in different fields

Discussion Club, as part of the Business Schools and Universities, their intellectual locomotive, is making a creative contribution to the support of socially significant role of these centers. The Club aims to be a forum for open discussions, create new partnerships and alliances, aid in the implementation of innovative ideas.


  • Openness 
  • Respect 
  • Responsible Leadership 
  • Partnership 
  • Professionalism


Objectives of the Club: 

  • Promoting professional development specialists, managers, executives exploring new opportunities for personal growth. 
  • Forming a community of like-minded, united by common values. 
  • Creating an effective system of interaction and communication between club members and all interested in cooperation.         
  • Introduction to succeed experts, consultants and business owners, get practical advice on the most pressing issues of management and business.


Organization of work 

Topics sessions devoted an issue of concern to managers, entrepreneurs, experts of our country.

Meetings are held in the form of thematic meetings, discussions, debates, exchange of views on the most relevant publications, review and discussion of documentary and feature films and more.

During the year 4 meetings planned Club in an open format.