Workshop «Professional Emotional Burnout»

Who is this seminar for:

We live so rapidly that even sometimes we do not have time to understand what led us to this or that situation. And the topic of emotional burnout is highly relevant lately for many managers, managers, entrepreneurs, HR directors and HR managers, and sales force employees.

This seminar is designed for everyone who loses the taste of life and is not already satisfied with himself, for those who want to understand themselves and others.

Format: intensive weekend.

Group size: from 6 to 15 people.

Authors and Trainers:

Belozub Oksana, ontopsychologist, business consultant, business practitioner

More than 12 years of management experience in the field of FMCG, logistics, HR, production, distribution, retail.

Experience in the formation and development of personnel at all levels, corporate culture and corporate universities, as tools for improving the efficiency of organizations as a whole.

Alexander Stepanov, business practitioner, business coach, moderator, lecturer, business consultant, expert in the field of building effective processes:

Sales, negotiations, BIG DATA, logistics, loyalty programs, CAT MAN.

More than 15 years of successful management experience in international and Ukrainian FMCG companies, leaders in sales, distribution, business analytics.

Participants will receive information and discuss:

  • How to relate, first of all, to yourself, as well as to other people and work, in order to preserve yourself and relationships with others, if you are already emotionally smoldering or fading.
  • How not to deceive yourself: "You just need to relax and everything will be fine"
  • How the nervous system works during emotional stress and how internal "fuses" work
  • There is a link between emotions and health, consider the stages of burnout and the first symptoms of future complications
  • How our unconscious speaks to us through images, signs and warnings from the outside world
  • Psychological features of communication between men and women. Methods for determining and protecting against energy vampires. What do if you are a vampire?
  • The impact of basic rules of communication between men and women on emotional health and successful results.
  • What is intrinsic motivation: types of motivation and self-sabotage
  • The main causes of professional burnout of employees and companies in general.

As a result of participation, participants will gain understanding and will learn:

  • Methods of dealing with emotional burnout in personal life
  • Methods of dealing with professional emotional burnout in business
  • Analysis of conscious and unconscious staff competencies
  • Tools to minimize the effect of negative communication (including emotional vampires)
  • 4 F - the structure of a balanced emotional state
  • Assertiveness - alternative tools for passivity and aggression in business and personal life
  • Self-sabotage: classification and coping methods
  • Understanding the root causes of the emotional differences between men and women
  • Psychosomatics: the ability to interpret the signals of his own body

Participants will be able to use the knowledge that all the results of a person relavance to his emotional state and will learn to manage their emotional state.








Introduction to the topic of emotional burnout (EV)

1. Self-development: myths and reality

2. Basics: how it works, root causes

3 "Fuses": how they work and why the mind does not stand up

4. “Burnout Syndrome” from the point of view of medicine

5. Stages of burnout

6. Signs of burnout

7. Differences in the emotionality of men and women

Test to determine the personal level of EV.


Coffee break


Burnout in the environment of TOP managers, business owners and companies in general

1. Prerequisites of emotional burnout. Sacrifice

2. The game of honesty, the consequences

3. Universal causes of EV in business and personal life

4. Background of EV staff

5. The causes of the emotional burnout of the company as a whole.

Video "End of Relationship"


Lunch break


Intrinsic motivation

1. Psychology of motivation

2. Self-sabotage: causes and classification

3. Specificity of motivation for action in men and women:

3.1. In personal life

3.2. In business Feedback on the material.

Game "33"

Movie "Flight of the Phoenix"


Coffee break


Reality reading tools

1. Psychosomatics - the ability to interpret the signals of your own body

2. External manifestations of the unconscious person

3. Ineffective and Negative Communications: Emotional Vampires and

Methods to Reduce Negative Impact

Methods of defining "yours - someone else's" in everyday communication


Day 2






Methods of dealing with emotional burnout

What you need to understand in life and in business regarding EV

2. What to do: methods of dealing with emotional burnout in personal life

3. 4F - the structure of a balanced emotional state

4. Steps against EV

5. What needs to be improved in business?



Coffee break


Burnout managers in the active sales team

1. Working with competencies: methods for assessing and analyzing staff competencies

2. Required competencies for the sales department. Motivation. Answers on questions



Lunch break


Assertiveness. Emotional ai ki do.

Tools of alternative to passivity and aggression in business and personal life

Practical tasks


Coffee break


Methods of diagnosis, treatment, prevention of burnout and its consequences

1. Four personal development strategies

2. The influence of the environment on the life and business of a person

3. Personal planning



Participation fee: 5500 UAH ( without VAT)

The cost of participation is reduced to UAH 5000 under the following conditions:

  • with the participation of two or more employees from the same company;

  • for graduates of BSK degree and modular programs

Payment options for participation:

  • Easy Pay Online,

  • in cash

  • cashless settlement - we will invoice for participation.

Included in the price:

A set of handouts, coffee breaks, certificate of participation, administrative support

The seminar can be held in a corporate format on the orders of companies.

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