Workshop "Management and strategy for the agricultural companies"

Number of participants

Group up to 20 people

The target audience

Senior and middle managers


Agrarian sector, agriculture


23-24 March, two days


4500 UAH


Why is it necessary to choose this program?

Because the competition in the agricultural sector is quite high. To successfully implement the strategy, it is necessary to clearly formulate the goals and objectives of the company, then delegate them to all employees of the company. At the same time, managers must understand and use the company's unique competitive advantages and in this we will help you: The program combines theoretical aspects with practical ones adapted to the needs of companies operating in the agricultural sector of the economy.

Purpose of the program

  • Cascading strategy and mission of the company;

  • Reconciliation of planned goals and tasks with current reality;

  • Analyzing competitors and creating a competitive advantage in the market;

  • Creation of a team of like-minded people who have a single conceptual apparatus;

  • Improving managerial performance at the group and individual levels;

  • Formation of effective functional management systems;

  • Improving the quality of the process of implementing, accounting and monitoring the implementation of strategic goals and objectives;

  • Strategic planning and budgeting;

  • Key performance indicators of the company (KPI);

The program considers two important components for assessing the current state of the company:

  • the dynamics of the development of your segment of agribusiness, building a strategy, shaping the goals and objectives of the company's management

  • influence and involvement of management in strategic processes for the successful development of the company.

The company and its competitive advantages in the market - in the first part of the program knowledge and understanding are given:

  • on the principles of formation and cascading strategy and mission of the company, the analysis of competitors;

  • how a competitive advantage is formed that allows customers to identify the company, its products and services;

  • why the company's management is a conductor and implementer Strategic Goals and tasks.

In the second part, the aspects of decision-making, implementation and control are considered. Management processes and key performance indicators are considered.


Program of the Workshop

Day 1.

Practical assignments

Principles of strategic management, strategy and mission of the company.


Strategic analysis and its types.

Diagnosis of the company's strategic position in the market.

SWOT Analysis

Analysis of the market and competitors. Comparison and development of unique competitive advantages.

Working in groups followed by presentation
and discussion

Reconciliation of strategic goals and objectives. Cascading to their units and employees.

Analysis of the implementation of the set goals and objectives.

Short-term and long-term strategy.

Creating a clear vision of the future of the organization in a strategic perspective, linking goals and objectives with the strategy.

Change management is a new dimension in the coordinate system of modern business.

Involving employees in the process of constant changes and improvement of business processes.

The main challenges and the transformation of consciousness.

Business case, video, discussion

Day 2.

Practical assignments

Professional management vs a successful company.

Effective leader: key skills and competencies.

Stages of the company's development:

  • At what stage is your organization?

  • How do you see the future of your company?

  • What does your working day consist of?

  • How well do you know your employees and subordinates?

  • What is your leadership style?

Video case

Decision making process.

Control over implementation of decisions.
Strategies for controlling actions.

The concept and functions of planning and budgeting.
Causes of ineffective actions.
Formation of a system of benchmarks.
Company performance (KPI).

Fixation of the main KPI,analysis of their impact on the achievement of goals and

Establishment of communication flows in the company.

The process of business communication and its main elements.

Channels and means, types and forms of effective communication.

Key communicative competence of the leader and his personal effectiveness.

Skills providing feedback.

Exercise "Giving Developing feedback "

Effective system of motivation when implementing the strategy, cascading goals and objectives.

Simple rules of motivation. Typical errors.



Coach, content leader

Alexander Poddenezhny, МВА, PhD

Guest speakers are invited to participate in the program

Program price and discounts

The total cost is 4500 UAH.

With the participation of 2 people from the company the cost is -4200 UAH.

With the participation of 3 or more people from the company the cost is 4000 UAH.

Included in the price:

  • author's educational complex with handouts, presentations, assignments, case studies, articles and other educational materials prepared by the instructor
  • coffee breaks
  • dinner
  • administrative support
  • certificate