Feedback from participants

- Is obtained as tools of risk management applied in practice?

«Risk assessment conduct in the development and implementation of new projects using qualitative and quantitative risk analysis. Develop measures for prevention and mitigation of project risks »

-How often does Your current job have to deal with the risks and use of the Arsenal of risk management?

«Not very often, only when designing and implementing development projects. But in the future we plan to analyze the internal and external risks that may affect the activity of the enterprise as a whole.»

Ekaterina Yurchenko
Business development Manager
Сonstruction Machinery" Limited


-A few words about the received knowledge and skills in risk management from the point of view of usefulness and application in businessі. 

«The knowledge gained during training, not only useful, but also valuable, especially in today's turbulent business environment. Thanks mastered the techniques in the last project was not only able to provide a significant leap of the exchange rate, but also to develop measures effective response to this risk, and to form a reserve budget to mitigate the impact of this risk on the project.»

-Which of the received instruments of risk management in practice?

«For the whole company is the identification, analysis and prioritization of risks, as well as the method used a decision tree to develop scripts in response to risks in the projects. »

Gorshkov Vitaly
ТОВ "Commercial Director"
Solvent Ukraine" Limited