Opportunities of the Enterprise Research Lab

Research for organizations

Enterprises and organizations that are interested in risk management and finding new ways of development are asking questions:

  • How to improve the quality of management?
  • How in the framework of the legislation to improve the quality of products or services?
  • How to determine the level of responsibility of each employee?
  • How to achieve risk sharing in activities?
  • How to organize the right interaction with other enterprises and institutions?
  • How not to lose business contacts and partners in case of conflict situations?
  • How to get out of conflict situations at the lowest cost?
  • What are the strategic directions of negotiation during conflict situations?

Answers to these and other questions regarding business management can be obtained by ordering a study or audit.

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Partnership and Sponsorship

We invite all interested individuals and organizations who consider it necessary to develop risk management in business activities to become partners.

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Speeches, participation in conferences

Analytical research in the field of risk management in business, strategic approaches to improving the quality of business, ways to resolve conflict situations, conflict management in the entrepreneur activities, these and other topics can be presented in professional speeches at your event or conference.

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Educational services

Entrepreneurship Research Lab provides an opportunity for enterprises and organizations to order training for employees in the field of entrepreneurial activity:

  • Seminar "Legal mechanisms for improving the quality of business activity"
  • Seminar "Conflict Resolution"

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It is possible to conduct trainings on the order of enterprises and organizations.

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