Workshop «Inspirational leadership. Service Values and principles»



Dear friends,

On October 25, 2023 at 1:00 p.m.,

KROK Business School invites you

to a meeting with Natalia Pogozheva.

The working language is English

Offline format

Duration 1 hour 30 minutes.

Participants will receive interesting information and discussion about how to develop the ability of inspirational leadership in different cultures. You will also learn about the decision-making process for positive social impact. Speaker Natalia Pogozheva will share real-life stories about how diverse leaders gain determination and resilience.

Information about the speaker

Natalia Pogozheva

Natalia is a candidate of economic sciences, a public figure in the field of institutional, agrarian and educational policy. She worked as an advisor on institutional development and regulatory policy in Ukraine, Georgia, Madagascar and Mauritius.

Acting treasurer and coordinator in Ukraine of the international non-governmental organization "World Academy of Art and Science" (WAAS), co-founder of the international youth leadership community "YLN - Youth Leadership Network", head and ideologist of the "Green Education Ukraine" initiative aimed at changing approaches to education standards in Ukraine, one of the founders of the Ukrainian Club of Agrarian Business and the Ukrainian Heritage Foundation.

Author of dozens of scientific publications and studies on agro-industrial and social topics. In 2016, in co-authorship with Siebe Schaap, she published the book "DETOX. Conversations with a philosopher: resentment and politics", which raises the issue of detoxification of Ukrainian societies, the need to cleanse them of populism.