Workshop "How to raise funds for your idea through crowdfunding"

Date: March 12, 2021 Time: 16:00-17:30

Adress: Tabirna str.,30-32, Kyiv Format: offline

Attention! Seats are limited!


Hi all!

We have good news!

KROK Business School and RazomGO are walking together!


We started working with RazomGo. Now you can turn your ideas into reality with the tools of a new partner. is a crowdfunding platform with which you can find funds to launch your project: business or social.

If you have ideas for a startup, social project or you need money for business development and you do not know where to find them - then we invite you to a free master class "How to raise funds for your idea through crowdfunding" March 12 at 16:00. Adress: Kiyv, st. Lagernaya, 30-32 (KROK University).


In the master class you will learn:

  • What is crowdfunding? How does it work in Ukraine and the world?
  • How to write a fundraising strategy and prepare for fundraising.
  • How to conduct a successful campaign and raise 100% of the necessary money.


We will choose a few of your projects, which we will analyze, thanks to which you will gain practical knowledge:

  • how to describe your project and what is needed for this;
  • which videos and images are needed;
  • how to choose rewards for the project;
  • how to minimize advertising costs.


Participation is free

See you!