Week of online strategy sessions "The Future Around Us: How Businesses Adapt to the New Reality"

Have you thought about the era in which we live? Mobile phones with a bank, electric cars on the streets, video conversations with family anywhere in the world. Even ten years ago it was possible to write novels and make films in the genre of “fantasy” about such a development. But now it's reality.

How can companies adapt to today's challenges? To this end, we invite entrepreneurs and executives to the Week of Online Strategic Sessions “The Future Around Us: How Businesses Adapt to the New Reality”. Registration link

This event will help participants build a long-term development strategy for their company even in times of crisis. In these sessions, you will analyze your activities, define a strategy and develop an implementation plan that will help you adapt to the new reality.


14.12 Management of the XXI century

  • How to develop long term strategies in an ever changing environment

  • Analysis and analysis of modern management methodologies - Agile, Lean and OKR

  • How to Implement Plans and Manage Companies at the Turn of the Era

15.12 Innovative Marketing

  • How to develop a long-term marketing strategy that will not be crisis-prone

  • What modern digital tools to use so that customers know about you and buy from you

  • Return on Marketing Investment. How to use digital analytics to turn costs into profit

16.12 Modern Selling

  • Sales vs. Communication - negotiation techniques that lead to a purchase

  • How to make sales and marketing friends and turn them into one

  • Sales management - we create a sales development strategy

17.12 Human capital of the future

  • Corporate culture vs. Company strategy and how they help motivate employees

  • Lean approach to human resource management

  • KPI vs OKR. Modern management tools for HR-a who wants to achieve success

  • Internal communication online. How to get quality feedback in the current environment

18.12 IT solutions for business automation

How to choose the software you need to manage employees, as well as marketing and sales for your company

What programs will help save business time and money

Return on investment in IT solutions for your company. Business Automation ROI Formula


Petr Savich - Marketer, business consultant, founder of Sales Marketing System. Expert in Internet Marketing and Sales Management. Certified specialist in innovation management, Internet marketing and corporate time management. Builds systemic marketing for small and medium-sized companies.

The Sales Marketing System is the consulting for the growth of your business. We help entrepreneurs and managers to organize an effective marketing and sales management system to implement the long-term development strategy of the company. For more information about the company, see the website

Do you want to stay in the past, or are you ready to step into the world of the future?

Decide now!

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