Webinar: How to properly develop a unique trade offer (UTP)

Date: February 11, 2021 Time: 18:00-19:30 (1.5 years)

Format: online

Let's imagine that in order to start your business you have everything you need: product, financing, team, etc. Supposedly everything is fine, but at the same time your product or service is no different from most similar ones. The product does not impress the target audience and has difficulties in promotion and sales.

Familiar situation?

Probably - Yes, because almost every owner, director or specialist in marketing, branding, sales has faced a similar situation. Only some have understood what is going on, while others continue to look for answers where they do not exist.

In the first case, the answer was - Unique Trade Offer (UTP) - part of the competitive advantage on the basis of which the customer chooses you or your product. We are sure that you are interested in the client choosing you. So, we invite you to visit the webinar where everyone will discover the secrets of successful cases!

Key issues:

  • What is UTP and why is it important?
  • What is "competition" and 3 universal models of competitiveness.
  • “Originally… Values”: 3 types of Values ​​for your client.
  • Hierarchy of values in B2B in relation to different ATS (decision maker) of your customers.
  • Attributes of your product: from required to optional.
  • Relationship between UTP and positioning (formula).
  • 4 important steps in building your UTP.

Speaker: Oleksandr Bakka - Visited BSK lecturer, business coach, consultant, content leader of the Sales Management program. Expert in building a sales system, team and product promotion.

14 years of work in the international system business - Philip Morris, Canon, Shafer Shop, Viasat (MTG). Successful experience in building a sales system and team management in B2C and B2B areas in the industries: FMCG, service delivery, consumer electronics and IT, telecommunications.

Participation by prior registration.