Tickets on iForum2020 - on sale

The IT community is preparing for the central event of the year - the largest internet conference iForum. Ticket sales and program formation have already started. In Ukraine, the event has been known and loved for 12 years. This year iForum will be held on May 20 in the International Exhibition Centre.

The iForum2020 will continue the theme of the future, which was the leitmotif of last year's conference. There are seven thematic areas awaiting the participants:

  • The central Main Stage - with business cases, global trends in Internet and mobile technology, augmented reality, artificial intelligence, entrepreneurship and automation;
  • Advertising - with experts who will talk about current trends in promotion strategy with the specifics of market experience of digital marketing;
  • The future - with a futurological examination of global changes in society caused by the exponential development and penetration of high technology in all spheres of life;
  • Startups - with effective advice for entrepreneurs how to find investments, enter the foreign market, attract experts, use existing mechanisms to support the startup;
  • Digital FUN - with the guru of the digital entertainment industry, that non-serious games are serious business, and entertain people can be useful for social and economic development;
  • Automate this - with the analysis of the most known Ukrainian and world decisions of automation of business processes and expertise that, as well as when in them should be automated;
  • Internet technologies - with an overview of global trends in software development and an emphasis on the use of artificial intelligence, machine learning, microservices and building highly loaded systems.

Separately at the iForum will be built the City of the Future - a territory with samples and prototypes of the latest developments of Ukrainian companies, which can be tested in action.

The prices of the conference will increase in stages.

More info: iForum2020 and by phone 044 201 01 03


Internet Forum (iForum) is the largest offline conference in Ukraine and Eastern Europe. The Forum is a social phenomenon created by high-tech market participants and dedicated to the development of new opportunities, search for ideas and their implementation, as well as analysis of the latest global trends. Last year the iForum was visited by 13286 participants.