The International Mediation Summer School-2022 was held by KROK Business School

On July 11-15, the KROK Business School, with the support of the European Business Association and the International Mediation Center held the International Summer School of Mediation - 2022, which gathered the best modern experience in the field of mediation, negotiations and conflict resolution. This summer, more than 100 people registered for the Summer School and 13 speakers from Ukraine, Georgia, Kazakhstan spoke, including Irakli Kandashvili - Head of the Association of Mediators of Georgia, Gulmaydan Urozbayeva - Head of the Center for Mediation and Law "Parasat" (Kazakhstan), Kateryna Narovska is the president of the National Association of Mediators of Ukraine. In the convenient format of the online marathon, the listeners improved their qualifications in three areas: international standards of mediation, managerial and psychological factors of conflict management, and peculiarities of mediation in the business environment.

The participants of the event found answers to the following questions:

  • Is there a future in the mediator profession? - with Gulmaydan Urozbaeva
  • How to be conflict-logically competent in a business environment - with Kateryna Narovska
  • How to recognize and overcome the conflict generators of martial law - with Svitlana Stadnyk
  • What is the role of team leaders in conflict prevention and management - with Oksana Demchenko
  • What are the advantages of mediation and comparison with the court process - with Irakli Kandashvili
  • How and why mediation can become part of the company's corporate culture - with Alina Badina
  • What stops people from communicating normally? - with Tatyana Sanina
  • Does the mediator's ethics depend on the country's legislation? - with Victoria Polishchuk
  • What are the connecting dots of coaching and mediation - with Anastasia Bortnyk
  • How creativity technologies help to resolve conflicts - with Oksana Sedashova
  • How to provide help correctly - with Tatyana Vodopyan
  • Under what conditions mediation can become a new corporate reality - with Natalia Kalinina.

Those present at the final day of the International Mediation Summer School of took part in a discussion about the search for opportunities to develop the professions of a mediator and conflict resolution manager in Ukraine.

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