The community of certified IIBLC specialists at the Green Belt level in Ukraine grows

We are glad to replenish the community of certified IIBLC Green Belt level specialists in Ukraine.

The KROK Business School congratulates Oleksandra Panko, head of the inventory analysis department of the company "PERI-Ukraine" on receiving a certificate confirming knowledge and skills in accordance with the international standard IIBLC of the Green Belt level.

The IIBLC LEAN Green Belt program helps to apply LEAN technologies and approaches in production, in service companies, in banks, hotels and other companies. Certified specialists will help to see and determine what needs to be improved, especially in times of martial law and saving of financial, human, and material resources.

Currently, KROK Business School offers the training of IIBLC-certified specialists at the Green Belt level in online and offline formats, as well as in the format of corporate training.

IIBLC® offers objective, independent confirmation of knowledge and skills in the field of LEAN strategy to both companies and individuals, and is also a global benchmark in the field of training qualified personnel through standard certification levels. The program is universal: it covers all aspects of Lean: manufacturing, services, healthcare, engineering and more.

Online training will start in February 2024. You can learn more about training at the link »»»

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