The 5th group GMBA, MBA IT and MBA Pharma is successfully launched

On November 16, 2017, a new period has started in the life of a group of top managers, department heads who made the decision and became students of the BSK MBA. We are glad that there are people in the country who understand and share our values ​​and believe that education will make business and the world around us better and more civilized. Ahead of the new MBA students is a journey into the fascinating, complex and ever-changing world of business, to which they will go along with experienced practitioners - instructors who perform the role of mentors and moderators in the educational process.

Already in the first module, students examined economic models and laws with Tatyana Moseychuk, PhD, studied the application of statistics in business with Professor Sergei Gerasimenko, comprehended the practices of modern management and cases with Alexander Poddenezhny, MBA.

"Marathon of constructive solutions", the business game, which was conducted by Oksana Demchenko and Galina Sisak, mentors from KIY to wrap up the first MBA study module . During the game, 3 unusual cases were solved, and the game ended with a homework assignment for students - to prepare a plan for individual development.

We are pleased to present the group's profile:

The average age of students is 35 years; management experience is more than 7 years. The group will be taught together by middle, senior managers of Ukrainian and international companies, entrepreneurs. It should be noted that the geography of MBA programs has expanded, except for Kiev, the BSK MBA student family is represented in the Dnieper, Lviv, and Ternopil. Among the industries in which our students work are represented by service companies, manufacturing and pharmaceutical companies. More detailed information about the group profile can be obtained here.

The BSK team congratulates a group of MBA students, set in the fall of 2017 with the start of training and wishes to believe in themselves, their abilities and talents.

We are grateful to our students for their trust and choice of General MBA, MBA IT and MBA Pharma programs.

Good luck!