Storytelling for employer brand

Location: KROK Business School , Kyiv, Tabirna str., 30-32

Date: May 24, 2019 Duration: 10:00 to 12:00

Speaker: Tatiana Pashkina

At the master class:

  • You will learn why history acts better than facts, instructions, and directives - and what needs to be done to do this.
  • You will receive the structure of a "good story", examples of their use at the stages of selection, adaptation and increasing employee engagement.

The master class is conducted by Tatyana Pashkina - HR expert at

An engineer and a psychologist by education. Experience in the field of personnel management - since 1999. Columnist NV Business, Forbes, Liga,, Browser and other media.

Last 5 years working in the field of HR-marketing and labor market analytics. Co-author of the course "How to find the job of your dreams" on the online platform Prometheus. Speaker of specialized conferences.

More details about the master class program:

  • The story of storytelling - or why it is still "catchy."
  • What is a "good story" and an attempt to create it right now? Stories about the good and the bad - how to tell them and what they teach.
  • Storytelling in the field of HR or how to apply it to develop the brand of the employer.
  • Discussion, a series of questions and answers.

Participation fee: 500 UAH.

Payment on the day of the meeting: 600 UAH.

BSK Instructors, students and graduates - free entrance.

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