Soft Skills: Development in the Conditions of the IV Industrial Revolution

In the New Year - with new skills!

January 19, 2019. Start at 11.00

KROK Business School

Master Class

Speaker and moderator: Oksana Sedashova.

The world has changed. People need to adapt and change. Business is changing every day. It is more often people are increasingly talking about the introduction of cyber-physical systems into production, robotization and total digitalization, the use of artificial intelligence capabilities - we live and work in absolutely new conditions of the 4th industrial revolution.

Today, completely different ways of thinking and behavior are required. Experts believe that linear thinking is absolutely unsuitable in the nonlinear world - it means that we must learn to think nonlinearly. In the new world, where the accelerated development of everything dominates, traditional management thinking is often unproductive. Given this, the growing importance of the development of personal characteristics and managerial skills of managers, who will have the ability to professionally manage teamwork to successfully solve business problems, is growing.

  • The development of which Soft Skills should be given attention in the era of the IV industrial revolution?
  • Is it possible to become effective in the digital world and how to learn it?
  • What are the advantages of man over artificial intelligence?

We invite everyone to discuss these important topics in the format of an interactive master class. Because of participation in this event, everyone will make a clear plan for their individual development for the coming year.

Speaker and moderator of the master class: Oksana Sedashova, PhD, project manager and programmer, teacher, researcher, expert in the field of intellectual and creative personality development, a specialist with over 20 years experience in creative thinking expertise, author of trainings and educational programs on the development of Soft Skills for managers and managers.

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