Has published a new book "Project Management: Planning Project Actions”

Has published a new book "Project Management: Planning Project Actions” by authors Igor Chumachenko, Victor Morozov, Nataliya Dotsenko, Alina Cherednichenko (Kiev, University of Economics and Law "KROK", 2014 - 673 pages - ISBN 978-966-7735-92-0). In this edition the authors, based on their own practical experience and the requirements of international standards, introduced a system of knowledge of project management methodology, provided a description of the project approach, identified schemes and parameters of the planning processes. On the basis of numerous examples, the authors proposed a lot of templates for project documents and procedures for their formation in the projects. Attention is paid to the use of modern information technology project management, especially at the planning stage of projects.

This book will be useful for students of Business Schools, studying for MBA programs, in particular with a specialization in Project Management. The authors recommend this publication for use in daily practice practitioners in project management, program managers and project managers, economists, engineers, scientists engaged in the development and implementation of projects based on process management.