Panel discussion on the topic: “Quarantine lessons for business: route map of a new reality”

Date: May 12, 2020. Time: 11.00-12.30

Format: Online

Quarantine had an impact on every person, “froze” the activities of many companies, put separate industries on the “blades”.

At the same time, a number of companies adapted and continued to work in new conditions. What lessons did we learn from the extreme and unusual situation they found themselves in? How will our activity change after the removal of quarantine bans?

During the discussion:

  • Oksana Sedashova, PhD, researcher, instructor KROK Business School, will introduce the results of the survey “The impact of quarantine on business”;
  • invited experts will analyze the situation, help to understand market prospects after quarantine and determine the necessary actions that need to be carried out today to ensure a “stable tomorrow” for business and reduce risks;
  • participants will discuss new trends in business education and its additional values ​​for business after a pandemic.

Panel discussion participants:

  • Ruslan Beltyukov, President of the All-Ukrainian Association of Business Leaders;
  • Ilona Viter, Director of the Solar Wind Travel Company;
  • Dmytro Mazenko, Business Analyst of the Global B2B Marketplace Tradalaxy;
  • Representatives of the insurance business;
  • experts and consultants from various business areas;
  • Instructors of KROK Business School – Alexander Bakka, Oksana Demchenko, Elena Kovalchiuk, Nataliya Kalinina, Roman Romantsov.

The moderator of the meeting is Tatyana Kravchenko, PhD, business instructor.

We invite you to join the discussion. See you on May 12!

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