Oksana Sedashova took part in the meeting of the European Council for Creativity and Innovation in Belgium

KROK Business School is a place of creativity and innovation, a place of vitality and immediate actions, and this is our secret, how to stay afloat and generate and accumulate creativity, radiate it despite challenges and an unfavorable environment. Oksana Sedashova, associate professor of KROK Business School, International Creativity Ambassador in Ukraine, who represents the global initiative of the UN World Creativity and Innovation Day and Week, took part in the working meeting of the European Board for Creativity and Innovation. The meeting took place in Brussels from November 10 to 15, 2022. The Creativity Ambassadors of Belgium, France, Northern Ireland, Denmark, the Netherlands, Italy, Finland, Germany, and Ukraine gathered to present their achievements in the development of creativity in different countries, to form strategic plans for the coming year, to initiate new types of activities and international partnerships.

Oksana Sedashova gave presentations on "Inspiration in Ukrainian style", in which she emphasized that creativity should be a superpower for solving the world's most complex problems, as well as a presentation on building an all-Ukrainian community of experts in creative thinking, Creative U-People. During the meeting, the European Ambassadors for Creativity involved each other in various creative activities, during which common values ​​as a European community were formed, priority actions for the near future were determined, responsibility was assumed, a plan was outlined for the dissemination of knowledge about creativity and innovation to achieve the global plan for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals Development until 2030.

During the meeting, Oksana Sedashova agreed on a partnership with international creative organizations on joint holding of certificate programs on creative thinking, development of didactic materials, delivering of literature on creativity to the library of the KROK Business School and other types of inspiring cooperation. Follow the news of the KROK Business School - expect the start of launching for new creative certificate programs in the new year. We move forward despite the troubles, because innovation is our way, the way of Ukraine.