Master class "From banality to creativity: the path of an innovator"

Presentation of the program "Creative Thinking in Business"

Date: April 29, 2021 Time: 17:00-18:00

Format: online (on the Zoom platform)

Everyone admires innovations and inventions, successful solutions.

When we see something new, we tend to think in two ways:

  • Oh, how could it be thought of? Genius! I can't do that - there are no abilities, opportunities, time, money, knowledge, energy, etc.
  • Oh, cool invented! What and how can I do new for my business / profession / sphere? What problems can I solve?

To learn how to generate and implement really good innovative solutions, you need to unleash your creative potential and use its capabilities to effectively solve the problems of your type of activity.

You will learn how to do this at the master class "From banality to creativity: the path of an innovator."

The master class will be held by:

Oksana Sedashova - International Ambassador of Creativity in Ukraine, author and trainer of the “Certified Creativity Professional” program.

In a programm:

  • Debriefing of beliefs: what prevents you from generating good ideas?
  • Self-assessment of creativity and planning your development
  • Master-mind assault "Where to get ideas from?"

A presentation of the “Certified Creativity Professional” program will take place at the master class.

The master class will be useful to: owners of small and medium-sized businesses, managers, heads of departments of innovative development, marketers, solution architects.

Based on the results of the master class, you will:

  • understands how the creative brain works
  • to know how an innovative idea differs from a banal one
  • know your weaknesses regarding the generation of ideas and their implementation
  • know your supportive and limiting beliefs
  • understand what skills you need to develop in order to be creative

Friends! We are grateful that you, like the KROK Business School, support ideas for the development of creativity and innovation among representatives of small and medium-sized businesses. That is why, thanks to your interest in the events of the "World Week of Creativity and Innovation", KROK Business School invites you to join the training program "Creative Thinking in Business" with a 5% discount on tuition!

Through this program, you will learn to think creatively and create the maximum number of viable ideas that will bring your organization to a new level of development.

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