Master-class "Business etiquette. Good manners - the key to success!"

September 19, 2018. Start at 6 p.m. Duration 3 hours.

Participation Fee 300 UAH

Compliance with the rules of business etiquette is a pass in effective communication in the business world!

If you wish to strive to negotiate successfully and promote your product in the market, then you can not do without knowledge of the basic laws of business etiquette!

Compliance with the rules of business etiquette will help you create a positive impression of yourself and lay the foundation for further productive interaction. You will feel confident in the sphere of business relations!

How you will be perceived during communication, which you leave an impression on your own, and how effective the negotiations will be, depends only on you!

Good manners adorn any of our talents and virtues. Conversely, ignorance of the rules of business etiquette can lead to unfortunate situations and the deterioration of business relations.

Good manners are the key to success of business people!

To master modern standards of business etiquette, to recall the rules of behavior and communication in the modern world, to raise the level of your own effectiveness you can by visiting the master class of Maryana Kobelya "Business etiquette. Good manners are the key to success.

Participants of the master class will receive answers to the following questions:

  • What is modern business etiquette?

  • What is acceptable and what is forbidden for business men and women?

  • What are the features of the male and female business dress code?

  • How to competently behave in the situation of business acquaintance, greetings and farewells?

  • What should be the handshake?

  • What are the main functions of a business card and how to use it correctly?

  • What are the features of business communication "man-woman"?

  • How to avoid mistakes in drinking etiquette and make a good impression?

  • How to behave in business negotiations?

  • How to use "Small talk"?

Maryana Kobelya - Business coach

  • Expert in communications, business style and etiquette, brand development consultant, author and host of trainings, master classes on the topic "Branding", "Business etiquette. Good manners are the key to success!","Effective interviews on television, radio and in the press","Mastery of public speaking","Successful negotiation process".

  • Has 10 years of experience in television and radio, the author and presenter of TV programs on various topics (psychology, sociology, marketing, politics)

  • Master of Journalism, Law, Public Service and Public Policy.

The cost: 300 UAH.


Preliminary registration is required.