KROK business school — the voice of ukrainian business education in the UN PRME CEE CHAPTER

On April 16-17, 2024, KROK Business School, the only Ukrainian business school, took part in the meeting of the Central and Eastern European division of the UN Principles of Responsible Business Education initiative (UN PRME CEE Chapter). The Meeting took place in Budapest, hosted by Corvinus University.

The meeting of representatives of several dozen business schools in the region was dedicated to the relaunch of the regional strategy, deepening the understanding of the updated principles of responsible business education of the UN, integration into the I5 initiative.

Special attention was paid to building an effective educational community in the region, which will allow business schools that adhere to the principles of responsible management education and educate responsible leaders to interact more effectively, exchange experience and have their own signature in international standards of business education.

We are proud that Lyudmila Kosovych, a representative of KROK Business School, was elected one of the vice-presidents of the CEE Chapter board for 2024-2026. For the next three years, among other things, she will take care of the development of applied research and interaction between business schools in the region in this area.

The vice-presidency of Ukrainian Business School, namely KROKBusiness School in the UN PRME CEE Chapter is of great importance for a number of reasons:

  1. International cooperation and exchange of experience: Work in the CEE Chapter opens up for Ukrainian business education, and in particular for KROK Business School, the possibility of active exchange of experience and best practices with other educational institutions from Central and Eastern Europe. This will not only enrich the school's curriculum with new knowledge, but also contribute to the expansion of international partnerships.
  2. Increasing prestige and recognition: Representation in such an influential international organization as the UN PRME CEE Chapter recognizes the prestige of KROKBusiness School and makes it more internationally known. With the help of our business school, the voice of Ukrainian business education is beginning to sound louder in the region.
  3. Opportunities for students and instructors: Active involvement in CEE Chapter activities opens up new opportunities for KROK business school. This will expand participation in international conferences, seminars and projects, access to an international network of contacts and experts in the field of sustainable development and corporate responsibility.
  4. Support for sustainable development: The vice-presidency of KROK Business School in the CEE Chapter will allow to actively spread the principles of sustainable development in Ukraine and the region, and the educational practices of the business school in this direction will be an important contribution of Ukrainian business education to the global implementation of the UN sustainable development goals.

Now it's time to realize our role in the region. It is a lot of work, but KROK Business School has great potential and accumulated experience to implement its educational mission.