KROK Business School Teacher is one of the 16 World Ambassadors for World Creativity and Innovation Week (WCID / WCIW) (Report)

Oksana Sedashova, a teacher at KROK Business School, a researcher on creativity, has become one of the 16 international ambassadors of creativity, an initiative supported by UN - World Day and Week of Creativity and Innovation (WCID / WCIW), and one of three ambassadors in Europe. Oksana became a member of the Supervisory Board of World Day and Week of Creativity and Innovation in order to develop the idea of ​​creativity together with colleagues from all over the world, provide people with opportunities for the development of creative thinking, and teach how to create innovations to find optimal solutions to problems and tasks at various levels. Oksana Sedashovoi’s immediate plans are to develop and implement a plan for the dissemination of ideas of creativity in Europe together with European ambassadors, to cover even more residents of Ukraine, conduct research on creativity together with world experts, and initiate joint implementation of creative intelligence development programs together with international experts.


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