KROK Business School played the role of co-organizer of the Kaizen Club

On the initiative of the Union of Ukrainian Entrepreneurs, KROK Business School played the role of co-organizer and host of the Kaizen Club, which was held on Wednesday, April 12, 2017.

Andrey Sergeev, PhD, Managing Partner of BPI Group, BSK Business Trainer, delivered the presentation on the topic "Shingo Model and Operational Improvement", the Club members learned about the main mistakes made by companies implementing lean production;  the basic principles of the Shingo model and why these principles are so important; how to evaluate the production systems. Dr. Sergeev gave impressive examples of the introduction of the Kaizen system in large companies and what positive changes occur after the implementation. Andrey answered numerous questions from participants, explained the ideology of lean production and simply inspired all attendees.

Taking this opportunity we remind the training on increasing the effectiveness of "Creating Lean Production. Methodology of Kaizen" by Andrey Sergeev will be organized soon, please follow the information !

Thank you to all who came and see you again!