June 15, 2018 in #BSK held a seminar on "Forecasting analytics for making managerial decisions"

Dmitry Kovshun, a graduate of the MBA program, co-founder Gogetrank of the first Ukrainian service of predictive analytics and Luxeo an agency of search marketing opened this topic.

Participants learned about modern tools, discovered unexpected insights. Dmitry during a couple of hours shared valuable information about the importance of forecast analysis, explained its importancefor making decisions in business.

Now every participant will be able to analyze trends, assess market capacity, find new directions, forecast sales and much more before opening a business. This is a very important skill, given the current competition in various niches of business.

We appreciate everyone who attended this event at KROK Business School . We hope that the participants spent their time with benefit, and most importantly - they received information that would be useful to apply in any business.

Taking into account the great interest in this topic, we are preparing new seminars to get even deeper into this topic. Follow our news. We are looking forward seeing you in the future!