Interactive lecture “Creativity for business in crisis”

April 15, 2020 13:00 - 14:00

Speaker - Oksana Demchenko. Since 2000 in the field of T&D. Business coach in various business areas: telecommunications market, banking, commercial and industrial enterprises in Ukraine, Moldova, Kazakhstan, etc.

The author of more than 10 programs for the development of informed leadership, effective management, effective communications. Since 2017, an international consultant accredited by the EBRD. Lecturer in the courses "Effective Management" and "Constructive Business Communications" for GMBA.


  1. To talk about the conditions for changing the management paradigm in a crisis.
  2. Demonstrate effective principles of creative management.
  3. To teach to see opportunities in problems.

Short description

What skills are needed today to succeed in any job? The ability to look at the situation from different angles, proactivity, the ability to generate breakthrough decisions, the ability to work together in a team and manage the effectiveness of the team, especially when the staff is at a loss. These skills are especially relevant in times of crisis. And you can start shaping by visiting Oksana Demchenko's interactive lecture, "Creativity for Business in a Crisis."

As a result of participation, participants:

  1. Learn to manage the effectiveness of the team.
  2. Master the approach to sales through empathy.
  3. Understand why people decide everything and how the synergy of staff can lead to extraordinary results.
  4. Work out proactivity in achieving results with limited resources

Where can this knowledge be applied?

  1. In any business of the company / in the NGO / volunteer sector, where you need to change your approach and make breakthroughs.
  2. When optimizing or creating new business processes, when implementing changes, when developing improvements to customer experience, etc.
  3. In sales and HR-management.