Highly Performance Team for MetLife company

BSK continues fruitful cooperation with MetLife Ukraine - the leading life insurance corporation and protection programs for employees of the largest companies around the world, acting as a provider of training corporate programs. So, on July 17, 2018, the company's employees took part in a training program organized by the BSK on the topic "Highly Performance Team", designed by Elena Khomenko, a first-rate expert, visiting BSK professor from Canada.

During the training the participants:

  • learned about the main components of the work of highly effective teams
  • received recommendations to optimize the effectiveness of their team;
  • touched upon the topic of virtual teams and principles on which their work and interaction were built;
  • rethought the role of the conflict in the team and tried new approaches to constructive work with it;
  • started work on their plan to create a highly effective team based on the concepts and management tools.

Continuation of cooperation with MetLife Ukraine is for us a great incentive to develop, create new and improve service. Therefore, we thank MetLife Ukraine for their trust and wish success and productive work to a highly effective team!

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