Crisis management in the company: reputation, information warfare and cyber hygiene

Training - intensive case-based.

80% of program time - practice

Duration 2 days

Time: from 10.00 to 18.00

For whom

The program was created specifically for top managers of companies, CEOs, CEOs, entrepreneurs, owners.


The program is conducted by renowned practitioners. They have about 200 successfully worked out crisis situations and dozens of anti-crisis trainings and programs.

  • Irina Zolotarevich

Adviser on Crisis and Strategic Communications. Coach. Lecturer in MBA and International Relations. Experience: advisor to the Prime Minister of Ukraine, head and founder of communication agencies and international communications association, vice president of the communication holding. By education, the Master of Sociology, has a CIPR Diploma, has completed a program at Stanford University, USA.

  • Sergey Bidenko

Communication expert with 20 years experience in information projects for business and political structures.

Experience: Consultant for owners and top managers of Ukrainian and international companies on issues of strategic reputation management, crisis response and protection against information attacks.

Head of a communications agency specializing in optimizing the cost of new ice for companies with modern information tools.

  • Alexey Baranovsky

Cybersecurity Expert. Candidate of Technical Sciences. Certified coach in the areas of ethical hacking, penetration, incident handling and computer crime investigation. Assistant Professor of Information Security Department of NTUU "KPI named after Igor Sikorsky".

Crises have changed, do you have time to track them and manage?

Today, any taxi driver in San Francisco will tell you about the upcoming economic crisis 2019-2020. Are the first persons of the Ukrainian business ready for this crisis, will it become a threat or an opportunity? As part of the program, we will look at this crisis through the prism of communication capabilities and reputation management.

Information wars are another challenge of our time. The attacks of competitors, raids of services, mergers and acquisitions no longer end with the walls of your office, and in addition to the destroyed documents and the affected technology can cause the business much more damage. How to manage these risks in the long run, how to protect your reputation and business? We will not only talk, but also work out in practice.

The satisfied client will keep silent, and the dissatisfied will organize a flash mob on social networks. According to statistics, the negative diverges in social media 19 times faster than good news. How to ensure the company's resilience to crises, initiated by the quality of a product or service - you will find a solution as part of the course.

Cyber ​​security is a completely new topic for many. The basic principles and cyber hygiene of your reputation is in a special program block.

What is the result?

  1. Understanding crisis preparation mechanisms.
  2. Own anti-crisis check-list.
  3. The ability to determine the type and level of escalation of crises.
  4. The ability to provide themselves and business "first anti-crisis assistance".
  5. Knowledge of mechanisms for working with information during a crisis.
  6. Blanks for key anti-crisis policies and procedures of the company.
  7. Understanding how to behave in the event of a raid, raiding or any type of business attack.







Introduction to the theory of crises

Types and types of crises, levels of escalation


Case studies

Key crisis cases in Ukraine and in the world


Crises and reputation management

Crises and reputation management Reputation crisis management

The impact of crises on reputation


Information wars: introduction

Signs of reputation wars, general principles of behavior


Information Wars and Reputation

Information wars and reputation Raider takeovers, mergers and acquisitions: how to manage reputation during wars and how to prevent financial losses in a sustainable perspective


Economic Crisis 2019-2020. Reputational Threats and Opportunities

How to use the emerging economic crisis to reduce leads: managing your client’s route from first contact to purchase.


Cyber ​​risks and business reputation

Cyber ​​risks and related reputational crises: problems, solutions, opportunities

Group size up to 25 people

Participation fee: 10 000 UAH.

Discount 500 UAH:

  • with the participation of two or more employees from the same company
  • for graduates of BSK degree and modular programs

Payment options for participation:

  • online on the Easy Pay system
  • cash
  • cashless payment - we will invoice for participation

Included in the price:

A set of handouts, coffee breaks, certificate of participation, administrative support.