What is creativity, why develop this skill and how does it affect the business? According to experts from the Davos Forum, creativity is one of the 10 most demanded skills of people who want to be effective and successful in the modern world. That is why KROK Business School initiated the CREATIVITY DAYS Cycle on 21-22 October 2018.

On October 21, a workshop "Creative Thinking in Business" took place, during which Oksana Sedashova, an expert on development of creative and innovative thinking, explained why business creativity is the right way to generate good ideas and creatively interact in teams. Participants developed their skills through practical training, applying the best creative techniques and offering successful solutions for real case studies of enterprises.

Monday morning was quite suitable for creative sessions, as on October 22, HUB 4.0 came over 50 people to listen Masaaki Hasegawa, an open lecture "Imagineering the Art of Making Your Ideas Happen", organized in cooperation with the European Business Association.

Oksana Sedashova introduced the results of the study of creative states of top-managers. The meeting was continued by the invited speaker - Masaaki Xasegawa, the Japanese from Madrid - artist, speaker, author of three books on creativity, Ambassador of the Modern Calligraphy Museum, initiator of the "Connect People Thru Art Beyond Borders" project. The expert described how to learn to think in such a way as to translate ideas into reality.

And in the evening at the KROK Business School Masaaki Khasegawa addressed students and lecturers by conducting the Imagineering Workshop. The participants of the workshop performed interesting tasks of the speaker, which allowed them to learn to activate their imagination, using the power of 5 senses, and look at the world from different points of view.

The core idea of ​​CREATIVITY DAYS at the KROK Business School has become a message that everything you can imagine can become reality.

We apply all those interested to help us in the study of creative thinking in Ukraine and invite you to participate in the survey.

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The results of the study will be shared with all interested persons.