Create for Ukraine: we teach and inspire to Сreate for Ukraine

The second group of the online program Create for Ukraine for the creativity and innovation development - a program specially created to support Ukrainians during the war - has completed its studies. Trainers - Oksana Sedashova and Tetyana Kravchenko - are proud of the participants, who not only learned to correctly and accurately formulate challenges, but to create real projects in response to them, which are designed to improve the lives of Ukrainians in various spheres. Just have a look at how it sounds:

  • How can I get people to buy herbal teas, the profits of which will go to fund a center for youth with mental disabilities?
  • How can I create a new format of business school?
  • How can I contribute to the development of the creative potential of Chernihiv residents?
  • How can I create a modern model of convenience stores that would work 24/7, be safe and save time and money for both customers and the owner?
  • How can I create and maintain a positive image of the hospital as a component of sustainable development?

The 10-class program is completed, creativity methods are mastered, and work on projects continues in the closed community of program graduates, where they continue to train creative thinking, generate, test ideas, create prototypes and plan their launch. We are glad that KROK Business School encourages the creation of something new - useful, progressive, and innovative.

The third and last call for the Сreate for Ukraine program, which starts on October 3, is ongoing - we are waiting for new creators - register here: