Corporate training for ACME employees

On April 5, 2024, managers and employees of ACME production and trade company mastered the topic of environmental communication and interaction. The training was conducted by Olena Galushko, a business trainer at the KROC Business School, an experienced specialist in people management.

During the training, different levels of communication, types of communication and their impact on people's working condition and motivation were considered by attenddes. The participants of the training program learned about the components of effective communication, both oral and written, as well as about interaction with "difficult people".

Special attention was paid to the types of conflicts and their resolution. The participants learned about positive conflict as a dynamic force, as well as about the "conflict debt" in teams, as well as about the role of the manager in resolving conflicts and projecting his emotional state onto the team. The training took place in an interactive format, skills were practiced through exercises.

Training also focused on human management, tolerance and recognition of "otherness". The participants received valuable knowledge and skills that will help them improve communication in the team and increase work efficiency. All participants received certificates.

We are grateful to the management of the ACME company for their trust in choosing KROK Business School as a training provider. We wish the excellent and proactive team of ACME company the realization of ambitious plans and effective cooperation.

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