Company INSEARCH and BSK signed a Cooperation Agreement

Company INSEARCH and BSK signed a Cooperation Agreement

New programs, new partners and projects, new faces and, of course, new successes. Company INSEARCH and IBT Networking Event - assembly for the founders and leaders of Ukrainian IT projects, travel and law firms, business education, experts and consultants from various fields. BSK considers IBT Networking as a platform for communication, new acquaintances and dissemination of ideas. Trained and professional staff prepared to work in a rapidly changing business environment and different challenges, able to adapt to new trends in the fields due to changes in the technological structure of society and the rapid development of Internet, the introduction of modern technologies and approaches - are key to the success of companies, that look to the future with optimism.

The company INSEARCH uses world experience in the Internet business, marketing and business tourism. Due to the youth and creativity of employees, consulting with INSEARCH tours provide an excellent opportunity to gain new knowledge and experience of successful global companies, as well as increase the number of partners and customers.

Join the Business School KROK and IBT INSEARCH, if you have a healthy ambition and desire to succeed. More information about the project can be found on the Facebook page  //

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