Business Club «Meta-Strategy in 5 Steps»

February 10, 2018.

Start at 11.00 a.m.

The strategy development consists of two regularly repeated operations - assessing the current state of the business and determining the direction of development. Based on the difference between the current and future state, an action program is developed.

Do you know what meta-strategy is?

Why the strategy is important why strategy needs developing?

Why are conventional approaches working poorly for SME’s?

What is it – “Meta-Strategy in 5 steps?”

What is the relationship in the coordinate system - product-market-business system?

What do you need to know to calculate a possible trajectory for company development?

We invite everyone to take part in the meeting on the topic "Meta-Strategy in 5 Steps". Join our regular members of the Club, during the meeting, we will discuss important and relevant topics related to the strategy of development of companies, we will try to find answers to the difficult questions and understand how it is possible to apply the meta-strategy as a useful tool for the development of the company.

Mikhail Alperovich is the Club Guest Speaker. Mikhail is founder and director of the INTRON consulting firm, expert on management, management consulting and sales management. Participated in the implementation of many international projects, author of the methodology of express business diagnostics, co-author of the model of meta-strategies for business development. The model describes the relationship between life cycles of a business or an enterprise. Mikhail is the co-author of the book "Strategy on its own".