Business Breakfast "Outsourcing and outsourcing of service business functions in the conditions of Digital Transformation"

On August 14, 2018, a business breakfast on "Outsourcing and outsourcing of service business functions in the context of Digital Transformation" was held at BSK . Alexander Grukhal was a guest speaker of the event. Alexander is an entrepreneur, a top manager with more than 20 years of practical work experience as director of development, marketing and commerce in Ukrainian and international companies.

Alexander spoke about the advantages and main directions of outsourcing and outsourcing in the world and in Ukraine, which has an economic effect from the introduction of outsourcing approach in companies. The participants lively discussed the main steps that need to be taken to use outsourcing. Teamwork is an important component for effective outsourcing. Advice from the Speaker - Work with your teams, discuss, train, delegate and rejoice victories together. Introducing outsourcing at the company you need to pay attention to the technological support of the implementation of business functions, the market has many suggestions.

What tools must be applied? The tip is the following: choose robust, affordable technologies and tools to achieve your business goals. This is the important criterion when choosing a model or service provider.

The BSK team thanks all attendees for the participation, a special thanks to Alexander for his knowledge, enthusiasm and inspiration. Comments from the participants "Alexander, thank you for the easy and live content. You're doing great. Do not stop ", Olena Sklyarskaya.

Look forward seeing you soon!

Just to remain: On August 21, IIBLC LEAN Certification in Ukraine. Register here »