Business Breakfast «Managing Remote Employees and "Cloud" Teams»

March 23, 2018 at 10.30

Duration 2 hours

Free Entrance

KROK Business School invites to attend the Business Breakfast on the topic: Managing Remote Employees and "Cloud" Teams.

Targeted Audience:

All companies that already have remote team members and cloud computing teams, or you plan to implement such an approach to work.

The industry where the most distant employees are: IT sector, Internet business, information business, training, consulting, startups, logistics, transportation, distribution.

During a business breakfast we will discuss the following topics:

  • "Cloud" management structures and new organizational forms;

  • Key benefits that a company gains from the work of remote employees and teams;

  • The main risks when hiring and managing remote employees and "cloud" teams;

  • Minimize risks when managing remote teams;

  • Necessary skills of managers and top management for successful management of remote employees and teams.

Invited speaker and moderator of the discussion:

Zhanna Balabanyu, PhD in HRM, CEO of R & C Kyiv Group LLC. Consultant in the sphere of corporate management and personnel management, member of the Expert Advisory Council under the National Agency of Ukraine for Civil Service Issues, Advisor to the State Employment Service (central office), Doctor of Philosophy in Human Resource Management, Director General of R & C Kyiv Group LLC.

Fields of specialization: Production, Distribution, Consumer Goods, IT sector, Services, Internet business, InfoBusiness, Construction, Agro sector, Public sector, Non-governmental sector.

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