Business breakfast "Lean and Visual Management. Visual Workplace Workshop"

Date: 04/04/2019. Time: 10:00-12:00

Location: Kyiv, Tabirna st., 30-32, KROK Business School

According to research, 90% of information a person perceives with eyes. Visual Management is based on this principle, and it is an extensive and integral part of Lean Manufacturing.

Visual Management is the ability to manage visually everything at the enterprise. This system quickly shows the current status to everybody: production status, delivery status, or the serviceability of equipment. And if visual management was done well, EVERYONE in your enterprise understands and knows what to do if something is wrong.

On April 4, 2019, during a Business Breakfast in a workshop format, we will discuss a number of topical issues of Lean and visual management: 

  • What and why to visualize in the enterprise?
  • What visual control technologies are used in Lean Manufacturing?
  • How to make metrics stimulate action?
  • How to organize visual control?
  • Rules for the Visual Management Board creation and design

During the Lean Breakfast, it is expected to work on a project to organize visual production management.

Moderator: Roman Romantsov, MBA, CGBL, IPMA Senior Project Manager, Business trainer, BSK KROK Business School faculty member, business consultant in Supply Chain Management and Lean Production Implementation (Lean, Kaizen), Lean IIBLC® Exam Center Manager in Ukraine. He has experience in implementing Lean projects at various enterprises of Ukraine.

Registration fee - 300 UAH

The number of seats is limited!

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