Analytics in work with the employer's brand

Location: KROK Business School , Kyiv, Tabirna str., 30-32

Date: April 16, 2019 Duration: 9.30 -12.00

Analytics in work with the employer's brand

Speaker: Natalia Kurdes

Attendees will get to know:

  • You will get acquainted with the indicators of the "health" of the brand and will be able to apply them to assess the brand of your company as an employer
  • You will learn what a brand audit is and what goals it serves, as well as gain an understanding of the methods for conducting a brand audit.

Using the methods of analysis, you can:

  • Justify your proposals for the development of the employer's brand, based on the arguments
  • Assess the effectiveness of implemented employer brand development measures

Participants will discuss the following topics:

  1. Review of the employer's brand "health" indicators.
  2. Brand audit as a method of measuring the "health" of the brand. Ways to conduct a brand audit. The choice of brand audit methods in accordance with the needs of the employer
  3. ROO as an indicator of the effectiveness of employer brand development activities
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The cost of participation is 400 UAH.

Payment on the day of the 600 UAH.

For KROK Business School Instructors, students and graduates - free entrance.