A new Mini MBA group has started

KROK Business School welcomes a new members of Mini MBA family! Student's profile looks as follows: among the program participants are business owners, directors, CFOs and marketing directors of companies in Ukraine, representing various business areas - media, agribusiness, retail, IT and digital marketing. More information about the group profile can be found here.

We conducted a survey and asked the participants of the 19th Mini MBA group, what exactly prompted them to choose the KROK Business School as a training provider? It has been found that our clients are attracted by the composition of the Mini MBA modules and their content, the high-level instructors and the affordable tuition fee.

We askes also what problems in business they want to solve, students answered that they want to increase the profitability of business, having received modern applied knowledge, as well as to open new perspectives, to develop leadership skills. Management, practical tools of economy, and of course sales are of the greatest interest. Participants of the program are ready for new achievements and are set to actively apply the acquired knowledge to the practice of doing business! The KROK Business School team wishes all the new members of our Mini MBA family success in learning and doing business!

It is possible to join any Mini MBA module! Decide and join!