Effective business plan

Business Planning

1. Introduction

1.1. System principles of approach to the company

1.2. Organizational and production processes in the company, the aspects they are based

2. Business plan

2.1. Findings, goals, objectives, questions, needs

2.2. The Business plan structure and stages

Coffee break

3. Types of analyzes required for the business plan preparation and evaluation

3.1. Commercial analysis

3.2. Technical analysis

3.3. Structural and legal analysis

3.4. Financial and economic

3.4.1. CVP analysis

Lunch break

3.4.1. Group work on CVP analysis

3.4.2. Investment analysis

3.4.2. Work in groups for investment analysis

Coffee break

3.4.3. The financial analysis

3.4.3. Work in groups for financial analysis

4. Summing up the module

 5. Questions - Answers