Planning sales and operations

  • General concept and place of volume planning of sales and operations in the enterprise. Structure of the system for planning the operating activity of an enterprise. Basic definitions: ERP, MRP II, S & OP (Executive Sales & Operations Planning). Place S & OP in ERP. Advantages of implementing S & OP.

  • Internal structure and logic of the planning process for sales and operations.

  • Sales and operations planning process: objectives, planning objects, planning procedure, data composition for plan preparation. Fundamentals of effective demand forecasting. Strategies of aggregate planning. Resource requirements planning.

  • Monthly S & OP cycle: Product Planning, Demand Planning, Supply Chain Planning, Plan Harmonization, S & OP Manual Meeting. Examples of the Sales and Operations Plan. KPI process S & OP.

  • Implementation of the planning process for sales and operations. Necessary performance factors. Organizational aspects of the planning of sales and operations: Organizational support for S & OP, Participants in the S & OP project, Principles of the success of the S & OP process.