MBA courses in Ukraine

 MBA courses in Ukraine offer new opportunities on the way to achieving goals and conquering career peaks. Master of Business Administration is not in vain considered the most requested degree in the whole world. Appearing in America in the early 20th century, the MBA today is recognized worldwide and is in demand in almost every country. The features of such courses are the full coverage of the experience of a wide range of management branches. The study of the theory is given a little time, and the main emphasis is on practical exercises.

About 10 years ago, it was possible to obtain an MBA diploma only abroad, but today the situation has radically changed. In Ukraine, there were business schools, where not casual people teach, but experienced businessmen, managers. These programs are developed jointly by domestic and foreign experts. And this is an undoubted advantage, because modern advanced technologies are adapted to the conditions of our country, the specifics of doing business are taken into account. Classes are conducted in Russian or Ukrainian, but knowledge of business English is appreciated.

Popular MBA Programs

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General MBА

The course for business executives, entrepreneurs, people who have their own business.
At 100% meets the standards of the international organization

International MВA

Training on "1 + 1" program: in addition to the student receives a diploma MBA of KROK Business School second diploma Master of Business Administration legendary  Swiss School

Міні MВA

Intensive training in the evening or weekend format, which aims - in the shortest possible time to help students acquire new management skills, get acquainted with the most relevant technology and business tools

MBA Diploma: Why is it needed?

Having learned the cost of studying at MBA courses, you can ask about why you need such a diploma, what does it give? Let's agree, the price of courses rather big. The MBA degree increases the probability of obtaining the desired position several times. And this is not a myth, because our students can confirm this. If your resume contains a note stating that you have completed an MBA course, then it is more likely that the employer will invite you to the position.

The knowledge gained on the courses is practical advice that you can use with confidence at work. Also, in the process of studying, you can create a good professional network, which will include the right people. Salary of MBA graduates is 30-40% higher than that of the rest of the employees. You can search for a job in almost any field, since such highly qualified specialists are required in many areas.

And if everything written above did not convince you of the need to get an MBA course, then we invite you to visit our business school. When you visit us you can see everything with your own eyes and we are certain you will make a right final decision to study MBA.