MBA Alumni Club

Business School and Institute for Master and Post Diploma Studies of “KROK” University proud graduates and students of Masters programs and MBA programs. Reputation and trust to any educational institution formed by the people, who studied in different programs at different times and not interrupt communication with him after graduation. Another important factor that contributes to the formation of trust is high professional level of faculty members. Club MBA established under the terms of voluntariness, equality of its members, self-government and openness.

Objectives of the MBA Club

  • Ability constant communication between alumni, Business School and teachers
  • The development of their business relationships
  • Search for new business partners
  • Mutual assistance in the implementation of new projects, discuss ideas, advice
  • Exchange of ideas and experiences among like-minded people
  • Dissemination of best practices of national and international experience in business management
  • Gain new knowledge and skills in Business Administration

Activity of the MBA Club

  • Hold regular meetings every 2-3 months
  • Organization of conferences, seminars, round tables, workshops
  • Involvement in social projects and cultural events
  • Participation in expert councils and groups to support the development of new programs in the Business School and the Institute

Meetings are held in the open and closed formats, paid and free of charge, at the University "KROK" and away. MBA Club works on the principle of self-government

Membership of the MBA Club

Graduates of the Business School and the Institute receive the status of preferred customers are eligible for ongoing discounts on training for themselves, family members and employees of companies, as well as discounts on special offers.


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