Marketing strategic planning and research to guarantee sales growth

In this module you will learn about innovative technology and LOFT theory of strategic marketing for sales guarantees and very practical technologies for finding market niches, planning entry into new markets and capturing a share. The theory fits in with basic marketing approaches, but aims to maximize guarantees for achieving commercial and market goals, based on 30 years of the author’s marketing practice for farmers, medium and large companies and international business. You will stop confusing strategy and tactics and learn to distinguish organizational strategy from marketing, which is the key for business. The module will give you knowledge that can become a competitive advantage of your company, because the effectiveness of these technologies exceeds the efficiency of traditional approaches by 4-8 times. One of the meanings of the word LOFT is a horizontal stable flight of a rocket towards a target. Very often, entry into new markets is accompanied not by a well-thought-out and well-grounded plan, but by a desire to manage a business to find someone who will buy products. This is due to ignorance of the methods and technologies of strategic marketing planning for sales guarantees. But technology allows you to get the planned result, whether it is pies or market share.

The module is also very useful for introducing new products and brands into the market of Ukraine and other countries, its key provisions are approved by the EBRD as part of the EU4Business assistance program for small and medium-sized enterprises, in which the author participated.





Experience and practice of entering new markets

  • Typical approaches in Ukrainian and international practice
  • Disadvantages
  • Symbiosis of classic marketing and internet marketing




Sales guarantees and their evaluation: the formula for calculating the lost business opportunities in money "Lost Oportunities Formula Test"

  • Solving the problem of sales guarantees
  • Mathematical formula for calculating the riskiness of projects in money, assessing the probability of achieving a commercial result (forecasting) and assessing the effectiveness of the marketing system at the enterprise




Innovative LOFT technology of strategic marketing to capture market share and enter new markets

  • Typical approaches to strategy classification and new classification
  • 5 mandatory steps to enter new markets or introduce a new product / brand to the current market
  • SICR consumer research is the basis of guarantees of sales
  • Advantages and disadvantages of marketing research
  • How to increase sales guarantees through research
  • Innovative SICR method of consumer research




Innovative strategic planning: investment project with marketing investments

  • Investment project
  • A business plan
  • Innovative strategic planning
  • Drawing up a roadmap for your own or new business
  • Audit of the marketing system of your own business and readiness to achieve large sales
  • Follow-up plan