Master session «How to create marketing ideas instead of just creative ideas»

April 15, 2020 10:00 - 11:00

Speaker - Irina Zolotarevich. Worked for 20 years in communications. She worked as a director of the agency, vice-president of a communications holding, adviser to the Prime Minister of Ukraine.

A psychologist by training, Irina explains why communications work the way they work, based on processes in the brain.

The projects of her team have collected many international awards for efficiency and creativity.

She founded a number of businesses in Ukraine, Europe, USA. Enters and was included in the supervisory boards. Advises managers and owners on effective transformations, personal and business.

The objectives of the master session

  • Learn how to direct creativity in an effective way
  • Build an understanding of what an “effective selling idea” really is
  • Get a simple working step-by-step algorithm for creating marketing ideas


- Let's do a project!

- Come on!

We are interested, we run and do. We invest time, energy and finance. Then we do not see the result. And what are we saying?

- We came up with a brilliant idea, but the consumer did not understand it, it was not mature!

Or we refer to other reasons.

At the master session, we will go the entire route in the opposite direction: from sales to the idea and figure out how it works and where we often turn the wrong way.

Be prepared not to listen, but to communicate! There will be many questions and a heated discussion.

If you want to make out your case, subscribe to Irina Zolotarevich’s account on FB send her information no later than a day before the master session.

As a result of the master session you will receive

  • A clear understanding of how the brain perceives communications and how to make them effective
  • Simple algorithm for generating sales ideas

Where to apply

  • In marketing and sales
  • In writing texts
  • In the development of communication campaigns and projects
  • In training their teams