Books Oliver Berkman "4000 Weeks" and Paul J. Fielding "How to Manage Projects"

We constantly monitor new trends and knowledge in the world of business, and from now on, our instructors will share information with you about interesting books that, in their opinion, will help you master and multiply your knowledge. This time, Andriy Koreyba - content leader of the "Management of Projects and Proсesses", instructor of KROK Business School, will share with you recommendation of two top excellent books.

Oliver Berkman "4000 Weeks"

Human life is ridiculously short. All we have is an average of 4,000 weeks, or 80 years. After realizing this, you will definitely want to stop spending your time scrolling through social networks. In the pursuit of productivity and trying to keep up with everything, we often lose touch with ourselves, forget what is really important to us. Priority is blurred, and the desire to always achieve maximum results makes us excessively anxious, causes stress and irritation. How to understand what is really important for us, and what is not worth even a crumb of our time? How to fill your life with meaning and focus on things that are really important to us? Yes, four thousand weeks is really not enough. But this is definitely enough to live a conscious and fulfilled life.

Paul J. Fielding "How to Manage Projects" Essential Project Management Skills: On-time Results and Within Budget

To implement a successful project, it is necessary to combine and take into account many different factors. Here is a book that will help you do this. The author reveals the basic principles of the work of a project manager, describes in detail the features of various stages of the project, gives advice on its planning, documentation management, interaction with employees, management of the organization and third-party suppliers. A simple and interesting presentation of theoretical concepts, clear schemes, short and informative summaries, witty life examples. This book will help you despite all obstacles to master the art of project management.

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