Marketing and sales


Program Sales Leader Program (SLP) - "DRIVER"”

Your company and the sales team depends on you, because you are the key element for generating the cash flow of the company. The purpose of the program SLP - Sales DRIVER is to help you to effectively play one of the main roles - the driver of success of the company, its steady growth and welfare of all its employees.

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School of Advanced Marketing. The Program "Technology Valuable Marketing"

During this course, you gain new skills in strategic marketing planning, learn about consumer behavior, learn how to build strong relationships with your clients and customers will learn risk management tools, and more.

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Seminar "Effective client technology B2B and B2C"

In order to influence the situation, developed the workshop"Effective client technology B2B and B2C", aimed at communication skills with clients, using technology to interact with different segments and key customers, building management system, quality of service, application client-oriented approach .

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